Macaulay Culkin Becomes The Victim Of Another Internet Death Hoax

Macaulay Culkin is the victim of yet another Internet death hoax, his second one this year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Facebook page set up to memorialize the former child star turned musician sparked the latest rumor,  sending fans running to social media to pay their respects.

News of the hoax quickly spread, but that hasn’t stopped people from still believing Culkin was found dead. I suppose this is an easy thing to do when you resemble a walking corpse in the right light (I have the same issue), but there is proof he’s alive via his band Pizza Underground:

Well let’s hope it stays that way. I don’t think the Internet could take it if their favorite child star passed away. At least not at this point in his life. There are too many gifs to make and too much weird music to listen to. Besides, you only get like four death hoaxes in life before no one believes you. Take Nick Kocher’s Tweet to heart:

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / Mashable)