Mad Men Discussion: Canadians Like To Smoke Meat In The Dirty City, Apparently

I almost had to postpone finishing watching Mad Men last night until this morning (long story). Thanks goodness I didn’t, however, because there’s no way I could have looked at Twitter or Tumblr without having Roger’s French knob-polishing via Don’s mother-in-law spoiled for me. And I don’t know about you, but the lady struck me as one who could give a spectacular head job.

With that said, here are a few notes I made during the show about characters, scenes, etc. I found interesting for one reason or another.

-This week’s episode brought the delightful return of creepy Glenn. You knew it was coming, right? I mean, somebody is going to have to fingerblast Sally at some point in all of this — we have 2 1/2 more seasons of Mad Men to go and this is the 60s, after all.

-“Men don’t take the time to end things. They ignore you, until you insist on a declaration of hate.” — Joan Holloway.

-Much to my delight, Minetta Tavern featured prominently in this week’s episode as the restaurant where Abe takes Peggy to dinner to pop the shackin’ up question to her. Even before it’s recent revival of sorts, it was always one of my favorite places in New York — one of those “if these walls could talk” places — so it was nice to see it get some love. ANYWAY.

-“Oh…you two are actually working?” — Roger Sterling.

-I feel like so much of this season of Mad Men has revolved around goddamn beans. I’m actually glad to see that storyline may finally be coming to an end. That Heinz guy and his wife annoy the hell out of me.

-Wait, are those really Internet Explorer commercials that Microsoft was airing during Mad Men? Did they do no demographics research whatsoever when they bought the airtime? Mad Men viewers — for the most part — are about as likely to use IE as Larry King is to use Jheri curl. They should just stick to advertising on Fox News and CBS.

-While I’m on the subject of the commercials that air during Mad Men, I am feeling no enthusiasm whatsoever for The Pitch — yet AMC insists on continuing to force it down our throats. I think Danger summed it up rather well last night

-The scene where Don walks in and Megan’s dad has Bobby scribbling all over the carpet with the fountain pen made me laugh harder that any scene on the show in a while. It was a combination of a number of things, I think, that made it funny, but the old man’s casual French dickishness was the main contributor, I think.

-“Don there’s nothing you can do. No matter what, one day your little girl will spread her legs and fly away.” -Emile

-Roger and Sally going to the awards dinner thing together was AMAZING television. Why hasn’t Matt Weiner thought of putting Roger Sterling around children sooner? That sh*t is GOLD. Perhaps this is foreshadowing him and Joan’s little rugrat playing together? We can all only hope.

-“Dow Corning. They make lovely dishes and glasses. And Napalm.” — Roger Sterling.

-Also, I want some “Roger Sterling was my baby-sitter” fan fiction and I WANT IT NOW, INTERNET!

-I don’t know about you, but I knew the second Sally said she was going to the bathroom that she would walk in on Roger and Megan’s mom getting it on. It was just too obvious.

-Poor Sally. Megan is apparently the only solid female role model she has in her life. Her mom is a raging c*nt, her step-grandma is a pill-pushing monster who smells like a toilet, and Megan’s mom goes around cuckolding her communist husband with a fast-talking capitalist.

-For a minute there I really thought Pete was a closet socialist. That would have been a great twist.

-“If you’re lonely, get a cat.” –Peggy’s mom, basically predicting how the internet would happen.


Your own thoughts/feelings/insights are welcome in the comments.

(GIFs via Gifulmination & Chet Manley)