We Would Play This 'Mad Men' Video Game Till Our Thumbs Bled

Every day I’m circling.

With the fifth season of Mad Men coming to a close (our recaps here and here), we begin the torturous wait for the next season to begin. If only we had some sort of video game with context-specific commands to play in the meantime…

Thankfully, Patricia Hernandez and Chris Person of Kotaku thought the same thing and made a few GIFs illustrating possibilities for just such a game, and we fully endorse the option of knocking out that grimy little pimp for ourselves.

Below you’ll find Kotaku’s vision of the game as well as some suggestions of our own. We’re still undecided on whether or not there should be a buttery handjobs level. Oh, who are we kidding? Of course there should be a buttery handjobs level. It’s a real button masher.





Oh wait. That’s not Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men. That’s just the same actor in L.A. Noire. [via]

Bonus level: If you beat Pete Campbell ten times in a row, the secret level unlocks and you get to play the Fat Betty Draper whipped cream binge challenge. [via]