The ‘Maderna’ Jokes Are Flying After A Woman Got Busted Trying To Enter Hawaii With A Fake Vaccine Card

It was almost the perfect crime until 24-year-old Chloe Mzorak forgot one small detail: How to spell “Moderna.” The Illinois native was arrested in Hawaii after entering the state with a fake vaccine card, which was flagged after she attempted to duck the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine by claiming she was vaccinated. One look at her card, which listed her vaccine as “Maderna,” proved that was clearly not the case, but by that point, she was already on the island and ducking authorities. However, Mzorak eventually had to fly home, and that’s when she was snatched up at the airport, according to KHON2 News:

After finding her profile on Facebook, the special agent determined that Mrozak had a distinctive tattoo on her left hip. On Aug. 26, he met with other special agents with the Quarantine Compliance Check (QCC) Team to discuss her case. The team believed she would return home via Southwest Airlines and not American Airlines since majority of the flights are purchased as round-trip tickets to reduce the cost.

“It was a joint effort that we were able to locate her, and found out when she was leaving even though she was evasive about her lodging location.” Special Agent Lau said.

News of Mzorak’s caper quickly reached Twitter and caused “Maderna” to trend as the jokes start pouring in:

While most Twitter users got a kick out of “Maderna,” others noticed another glaring tidbit about Mzorak’s vaccine card. She claimed to have been vaccinated by the… NRA?

Remember, kids, spelling is your friend.

(Via KHON2 News)