Watch This Magician Adorably Propose To His Girlfriend With An Onstage Magic Trick

London-based magician Neil Henry surprised his girlfriend with an onstage proposal in this video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. He begins a trick by pouring a can of whatever the British equivalent of Alphabet SpaghettiOs into a wine glass and chugging them down cold, which is both a fancy and disgusting way for an adult to consume SpaghettiOs. Henry then eats a piece of string, and calls a volunteer up to the stage, who just happened to be his girlfriend.

I don’t want to spoil the trick, but if your boyfriend is a magician and you have to be proposed to onstage during a magic trick (and, if you’re dating a magician, is there any other way, really?), then this is a really, really sweet way to have it happen. Gob Bluth could stand to learn a thing or two about romance from this guy, is all I’m saying.