This Mailman Hating Cat Wins The Internet

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I’m not sure how old this clip of a cat attacking a mailman — taken from an episode of AFV — is, but in the past few days since it’s been uploaded to YouTube, it’s already gathered over 1.6 million page views. I know, I know. Yes, it is from AFV, but hear me out people, because this cat is AMAZING. I have seen nature specials with lions and tigers that take down large prey less ferociously than this teeny tiny little house cat absolutely just OWNS this poor mailman.

Also to note, how is it that we live in a world where content from AFV, a show for all intents and purposes should be obsolete thanks to the internet, is now going viral on the internet? It’s like I don’t understand things anymore. Big props to the mailman for not just his sense of humor with the situation, but the uncanny ability to hold the cameraphone horizontally despite apparently having no knowledge of YouTube. Nicely done, sir.

Via Tastefully Offensive

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