You Now Have A Giant, Slithering Reason To Never Travel To Maine

The state of Maine is perhaps best known for being a place where horrific things happen to people thanks to Stephen King. If you don’t live near Maine or haven’t been there, it wouldn’t be difficult to assume that it was simply a strange gateway to another, evil dimension. Yet, it’s not. It’s kind of like New Hampshire but with more rocky coasts that aren’t that fun to be around.

So no, while Maine doesn’t actually contain Cujo, it does contain some pretty crazy animals and, as The Bangor Daily News points out, some of them are reptilian. On Saturday, the Westbrook PD were tipped off to a giant snake skin by a popular recreational area right in the middle of summer tourist season. Nobody can seem to figure out what kind of snake the skin belonged to or where it came from just yet, but they can tell that this thing was huge.

“Until the type of snake is determined and we can assess the safety risk, we caution people who recreate along the Presumpscot River to remain alert, maintain a safe distance from any wildlife, and report any sightings of the snake to the Westbrook Police Department.”

Was this snake released in the wild by careless owners? Does a snake that large actually just roam around Maine? My god, the whole thing is just horrifying. What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time that there have been reports of a giant snake in Westbrook.

(Via The Bangor Daily News)