When You Ask Maisie Williams For A Yearbook Quote, You’d Better Expect An Arya Stark Response

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07.14.15 7 Comments

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This is the time of year when seniors in high school prepare for their final year before venturing off into reality. One Game of Thrones fan, Rachael Wood, wished to draw inspiration from the fantasy world. She hit up Maisie Williams on Twitter to request a yearbook quote. Rachael promised to use any suggestion that Maisie offered under the condition that Maisie provided a public reply. A risky proposition:

Fortunately, Maisie was quick to provide help. She delivered a very Arya Stark response to her fan’s request, which is much better than the inspirational quotes found in most yearbooks:

These tweets are a month old, but the news outlets are running with them now as an example of Maisie’s laid back interactions with fans. Her quote will make Rachael stand out from the crowd and provide a sweet memory for her 20th year high school reunion. One day, Rachael’s children wonder what possessed their mother to select such an embarrassing year book quote. At that point in time, George R.R. Martin may still be hinting at how Winds of Winter is on the way.

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