Major Breakthrough in Cold Sleep; Futurama Closer to Reality

06.14.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Fine, fine, it’s not JUST for sticking pizza boys into a glass tube and reviving them in a suspiciously familiar future. It’s also for space travel, and treating cancer, and making Transmetropolitan come true as well, and other trivial uses. At least that’s what Mark Roth is designing it for.

Generally, if you throw a human being into a cold environment, they freeze to death. But sometimes, weirdly, they don’t. There are several cases on the record of human popsicles coming back to life, which were always mysterious. Roth, a Seattle cancer researcher, did some work with yeast and nematode worms and found that if you starve them of oxygen before freezing them, you can actually revive them from extreme cold.

Roth foresees the current application being freezing terminal or severely injured patients to operate on them, and then bringing them back. We, on the other hand, are ordering a pizza for I.C. Weiner and waiting with tripwire in hand.

[ via The Register ]

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