‘Majora’s Mask’ And Nic Cage Have Finally Found Each Other

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a great game — one of my favorites in Nintendo’s venerable Zelda series. It’s also pretty damn weird. And creepy. You know who else is a bit weird and creepy? Nic Cage. So, it just seems, well, right, that somebody has gone and made a Nic Cage version of Majora’s Mask.

This is no half-assed “replace Link’s face and be done with it” effort either — modder Criken has given nearly everything and everyone a Cage-face makeover. Link’s horse, that terrifying mask-selling guy, all the mask guy’s masks, the death moon, goron nipples. Everything.

Hit the jump for The Legend of Cage: Behind the Mask

The bit where Link/Cage encounters some bees? It’s official — we now have undeniable proof video games can be art.

via Analog Addiction