Make Your Life Better By Watching This Hilarious Life Hack Video

We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a life hack video like this one. Forget Buzzfeed’s “You’ve Been Doing This All Wrong” listicles, YouTube user Tripp and Tyler (two men, one username) have created what may be the most awkward, hilarious and completely life-changing life hack video on the internet. Besides the fact that you’ve been peeling boiled eggs the hard way and bananas aren’t just for eating, they’re also for smoothing the scratches off things called CDs (they were used decades ago to play music until the iPod came around), the guys have also come up with a few new hacks we’ve never heard of.

Like how the best thing since sliced bread is using a slice of bread to clean up broken glass and how to kill any rodent with just one Dorito chip. You’re welcome.