Take Your Mind Off Life With A Makeup Artist Transforming Herself Into An Incredible ‘Harry Potter’ Mural

It’s been a rough time for much of the country due to recent political developments, which you may or may not have strong feelings about, but there’s something about beautiful art of any kind that allows people to relax and unwind even in the most stressful moments. That’s certainly what Georgina Ryland’s body art has the capability to accomplish, and her latest work is absolutely stunning. In recent Instagrams, Ryland showed off a detailed mural of Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter that she painted on her décolletage.

Hogwarts at night was the subject of some of the most beautiful shots of the Harry Potter films, so choosing this tableau to paint was a great choice by Georgina, and boy did she deliver on the promise of the idea. Even more impressive is the time lapse of the painting that she posted on YouTube.

Harry Potter isn’t the only beloved pop culture subject that Georgina paints on her body though, as she used makeup to create an intricately painted Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon on her eyelids at the peak of the Pokemon Go craze over the summer.

She has also posted some larger anime and Great Gatsby-inspired art deco designs that are just as impressive as her Hogwarts work.

You can see all of Georgina’s makeup creations on her Instagram account and continued to be amazed for a long time to come.

(via The Daily Dot)