Malia Obama Will Attend Harvard In 2017 And The Internet Can’t Handle Her ‘Gap Year’

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Both Barack and Michelle Obama attended Harvard Law School, and their eldest daughter, Malia, will follow in their footsteps. She’s not attending law school (yet), but the White House made a special Sunday announcement after everyone recovered from the epic mic drop of the previous evening. Malia will attend Harvard University for her undergraduate education, but there’s a catch. She’s taking a year off and beginning her freshman year in fall 2017. Malia’s fortunate to have this option, but she’s also wise beyond her years.

The concept of a “gap year” is fairly popular in England. This could be used for many things, including self-assessment and — ideally — a transformative process that will make one crave further education. For those who aren’t blessed with leisure capabilities, this time is often spent working the worst jobs imaginable, and by the end of the year, they cannot wait to reach the hallowed halls of academia. Those who don’t have to spend the year working can seek self-enrichment through travel and other hobbies. Most of the time, a gap year can do a lot of good as long as the student doesn’t simply goof off. Malia may simply want a year out of the spotlight, and she deserves one.

Harvard actually recommends a gap year, but the internet isn’t so sure and is currently debating the issue on Twitter. Many people, including Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, applaud Malia’s decision.

Other folks are grumbling about the gap year on principle and airing their grievances left and right.

Conservative commentator and profuse tweeter Kurt Schlichter couldn’t resist an opportunity to remind everyone of how he spent his “gap year.”

Yes, a grown man is tossing shade at a 17-year-old girl, who has every right to choose how to spend her educational years. The Obamas are pleased with Malia’s decision, and that’s all that matters.