These Malory Archer Quotes Will Remind Everyone That You’re In Control

Features Writer

After FX’s Archer went ahead and rebooted itself again for its seventh season, Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnel) established The Figgis Detective Agency, with the crew of former spies once known as ISIS now working as detectives-in-training. Recently, as Cyril tried to exert his authority (it is his name on the wall, after all), by telling long-time boss Malory Archer (Jessica Walters) that he was the one in charge, she replied by patting him on the face while telling him simply “when I’m not around.” Such is the case when working with Malory, the ice-cold matriarch who, after a life hardened by a career in espionage, has maintained herself as the perpetual, controlling leader. So, the next time you need to remind everyone who’s boss, let Malory’s stern voice of authority be your guide.

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