A Man Felt A Cockroach In His Ear, And Doctors Found 25 More Living Inside

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08.28.15 7 Comments

Someone wise once said the only good cockroach is a dead cockroach. Unfortunately, all the cockroaches in this story were alive and thriving inside a Chinese man’s ear. The fellow, age 19, reportedly felt something itchy and scratchy inside his ear. The sensation continued over a number of days until he felt a throbbing pain. When the man finally went to the hospital, doctors were shocked to the point of horror. And when doctors are horrified, the situation must be dire.

Doctors say a female cockroach must have entered the man’s ear, probably while he was asleep, and laid her eggs. Over the next few weeks, the man started to feel a little funky. By the time he arrived in emergency care, the mother cockroach was wedged inside the man’s ear canal. After doctors removed her from the man’s ear, they dug out 25 little insect babies. No wonder the guy was in pain, right? Doctors say if the man had waited any longer, the cockroaches would have destroyed his eardrum and ear canal entirely.

One can only imagine how much better the man feels after the removal procedure. This certainly makes the case for wearing earplugs while sleeping. Better safe than itchy.

(Via The Mirror)

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