Watch This Expert Gamer Use A Crazy Glitch To Beat ‘Super Mario World’ In Minutes

What you’re about to watch is pretty much unheard of when it comes to gaming. This is master gamer SethBling doing a particular run through the SNES classic, Super Mario World, that is so complex, it rewrites the games code while he’s playing it.

Seth plays in such a complex manner that the game ends up skipping ahead and allowing him to beat it without having to actually endure all needed to normally beat the actual game. A sort of speed run on steroids. Though referred to as a ‘glitch’ in the headline, a glitch makes it sound randomized, whereas what SethBling does here takes an insane amount of skill and knowledge.

So much so, in fact, it has never been done before this video. Oh, and he already beat his own record. You don’t even have to be a nerd to appreciate that (but coming from one, it helps).

Via Kotaku