Man Auctions Off His Massive Toy Collection To Help An Adorable Boy Get A New Wheelchair

Stories of good deeds seem to be harder and harder to come by these days. Thankfully, there are still people in this world willing to do incredible things for others. Such is the case with Klamath Falls, Ore. resident Nat Ellis, who selflessly sold his toy collection to help young Logan Roninger get a new wheelchair.

Logan Roninger is a 4-year-old from Klamath Falls who has been battling spinal muscular atrophy almost his entire life. He has been in a wheelchair since he was two, and most likely will be in one for the remainder of his life.

His parents are both very active people, and would love the ability to take their son on outdoor trips with them. The problem, though, is that Logan’s wheelchair is not designed for tackling the great outdoors. Trisha Roninger, Logan’s mom, has been trying to raise funds to get the little guy a powerful off road wheelchair called the Tankchair. Through fundraising efforts, Trisha and her husband were able to raise $11,000 toward its purchase. This is great, except for the fact that the chair is a mind-blowing $17,000. This is where Ellis and his amazing toy collection come to the rescue.

Ellis is a business teacher at Klamath Union High School, and has a passion for collecting fast food toys. His collection spans 25 years, and is 1,139 items strong. His plan was to sell off the toys for his retirement. That was until he heard about the plight of young Logan.

The story of the boy touched Ellis so deeply, he decided to put his entire collection on eBay to help the Roningers buy the new chair. Using a press release and social media, his students helped him spread the word about the auction.

This would be a great ending to the story, but it doesn’t stop there. The person who won the auction decided to donate the toys back to Ellis, so he could sell them off again to raise even more money for Logan. Check out the link to the auction, which ends Tuesday.

(Via ABC News)