We’ve All Felt The Frustration Of This Confused Man Who Thought He Was ‘Cheating’ On His Wife

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12.05.15 2 Comments


A friend of mine consistently tells me how “Target is where all the hot women hang out.” He’s semi-serious about the assertion, but one man’s Facebook letter has proven that it’s not simply a theory. Jason Hewlitt was minding his own business in Target while purchasing all of his manscaping accessories. Before long, he glanced ahead of him at the checkout and saw a real knockout babe. Now, Jason is married, so the story almost gets sketchy from there.

Jason was caught unaware of how he ogled the lady and — during one of those Fast Time at Ridgmont High sort of dream sequences, no doubt — briefly cheated on his beautiful wife, Tami. He cursed the skies at how some lucky guy would woo and marry this lady while he was tied to some ball and chain. Then he realized the lady was Tami. She had popped by Target (perhaps to buy her own ‘scaping accessories) and was completely unaware that “the creepy dude” (his words) was ogling her at the back of the line.

Well, Jason went home and wrote a fantastic letter about the incident. The letter is posted below, but I like this part best:

“It amazed me that she didn’t notice me in the slightest. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good in that she doesn’t have a wandering eye … But it was also bad because I realized how close I came to not ever winning her love in the first place, and the herculean efforts I had to make all those years ago to even get her attention just to say yes to one date!”

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