This Man’s Bowling Ball Skills May Remind You Of A Wrecking Ball Instead

The fine art of Facebooking is balanced upon several skill sets. Many people dwell upon painting the “ideal” life in front of their high school friends and current acquaintances. Others don’t mind looking foolish and will proudly share even their most epic mistakes. Such as the case with Jean-Christophe Dorgambide, who gleefully published this video that shows him inadvertently destroying an entire bowling hall with one roll of the ball.

Actually, the ball never rolls on the ground at all. Instead, Dorgambide aims in a not-so careful manner, and the ball takes on a life of its own. The thing practically flies out of his hand and straight into the ceiling. Several tiles then fall into the bowling lanes and prompt a disaster.

In only a few moments, the man caused so much damage that he’ll never be able to show his face in the hall again. Luckily, this video has amassed more than 2.8 million views over the course of a few days. Not bad. Viral money would help ease the pain of destroying any ceiling. The cause of this accident is easy to figure out. The man didn’t know how to bowl, so he decided to fake the skill, and it didn’t work out as planned. Whoops.