Watching This Man Excavate A Giant Wasps’ Nest Will Horrify You To The Very Core Of Your Being

If there’s one thing the world should have taught us (besides the fact that it’s not fair) is that wasps are not our friends. Not only are they ten thousand times more terrifying than bees (an important and verifiable figure I just made up), but stumbling upon one wasp–even if you try to let it know it was an accident–may alert its entire colony that you’re threatening their nest and must be eliminated immediately. That’s why it’s so terrifying to watch the man in the above video not only disturb a wasp’s nest, but continue to do so even when the wasps are clearly upset that he continues to exist despite the fact that he’s chosen to mess with them. What’s more terrifying–the flying, the buzzing, or the venom these miracles of nature leave behind on the camera? That’s for you to decide! But at least one of the three will make you never want to go outside again.

Bob Brown, the man behind the video, points out that even with years of experience (he’s a researcher) and specialized equipment, he still gets stung sometimes, so it’s important that you don’t try this at home with wasps, bees, or any other member of the stinging insect family (unless you have a psychologically complicated My Girl-inspired death fantasy you’re trying to act out). But watching from behind your screen? That should be safe enough. Just try to stay inside for the rest of your life! Wasps can’t get you there!

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