Man Finds Creative Way to Make Mario Kart Less Fun by Replacing Controller With Old Exercise Bike

04.17.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

While playing Mario Kart have you ever thought to yourself “hey, this is fun, but I wish it was a lot more exhausting and cumbersome”? Well, then you’re in luck! Thanks to Canadian modder Brent Smith you can now play Mario Kart using an old exercise bike.

How does bike-powered Mario Kart work exactly? Basically pedalling the bike at a certain rate is the equivalent of holding down the B-button. Steering and item usage is controlled via buttons on the handlebars. You can check out a video of the bike controller in action after the jump…


Hmmm, the guy seems to be having some trouble staying on the track. I can only imagine trying to use this thing on Rainbow Road — wouldn’t be long before there was a nice bike-shaped dent in my wall.

via Kotaku

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