Man Finds Creative Way to Make Mario Kart Less Fun by Replacing Controller With Old Exercise Bike

While playing Mario Kart have you ever thought to yourself “hey, this is fun, but I wish it was a lot more exhausting and cumbersome”? Well, then you’re in luck! Thanks to Canadian modder Brent Smith you can now play Mario Kart using an old exercise bike.

How does bike-powered Mario Kart work exactly? Basically pedalling the bike at a certain rate is the equivalent of holding down the B-button. Steering and item usage is controlled via buttons on the handlebars. You can check out a video of the bike controller in action after the jump…

Hmmm, the guy seems to be having some trouble staying on the track. I can only imagine trying to use this thing on Rainbow Road — wouldn’t be long before there was a nice bike-shaped dent in my wall.

via Kotaku