This Angry Ex-Husband Sawed Every Inch Of Marital Property In Half, Including The Car

Divorce is an ugly business, no doubt. One German man took the news particularly rough, and most of the couple’s belongings paid the price. He used saws to literally divide the marital property in half. Everything was fair game, from small items like record albums and a teddy bear to larger furniture like a sofa, a bed, and a bicycle.

Not even an iPhone and Macbook Pro escaped anger bear’s wrath. For the grand finale, this guy sawed the car in half.

Is this stunt real? Hard to say. Someone probably wouldn’t saw their car in half simply to achieve internet infamy. The man also hid his face in the video, which is a wise move. Otherwise, he’d never get another date, but it sounds like he doesn’t want one anyway. All of this ruined property symbolizes his bisected soul. So deep.

The broken man didn’t stop at total destruction. He posted all of this ruined crap for sale on eBay with the following message: “Thank you for 12 ‘ beautiful ‘ years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half , Greetings also to my successor.”

The good news? If you’re in the market for a set of half dining room chairs, you’re in luck. This fellow’s actions may sound extreme, but he can’t top the 2007 story of the German man who chainsawed his house in half. Now that’s hardcore.

(via BroBible)