A Man’s Cross-Country Quest To Bang A Horse Ended In Arrest

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07.14.15 3 Comments

One man’s elaborate plan to bang a horse ended in frustration and tears. According to USA Today, the Maricopa County sheriff’s department pulled off a successful sting to catch a man travelling from Pennsylvania to Arizona with a singular goal.

Michael Crawford, 68, bought a round-trip ticket and rendezvoused with an undercover officer to meet up with the horse in question. The officer posed as a horse pimp, and Crawford was ready to do the deed. According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, this operation began last October when detectives encountered Crawford online. His plans involved not only banging the horse but also having the horse urinate on souvenir t-shirts.

Luckily, Crawford never made contact with the horse itself. Officers nabbed him at the airport and charged him with bestiality. As Sheriff Arpaio puts it, “Perversion has reached a new level. I take this crime seriously … It is part of my office’s fight against animal abuse. These animals are not meant to be sex toys for the perverted.”

(via Death and Taxes & USA Today)

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