A Man Shot Fireworks From His Head Last Night And Instantly Killed Himself


The Fourth of July holiday resulted in plenty of the usual sunburns and hangovers. Last night’s celebrations turned tragic for one man, whose evening revelry started in a very normal, reasonable way. Unfortunately, he tried to impress his friends and died in the process.

Police say Devon Staples attended a party with pals where he got a little too sauced and decided to launch a mortar tube off his head:

Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking and setting off fireworks Saturday night in the backyard of a friend’s home in the small eastern Maine city of Calais, said Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety. Staples, 22, of Calais, placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, he said.

The firework exploded, killing Staples instantly, McCausland said.

Maine legalized fireworks in 2012, thereby repealing a 1949 law in favor of increased jobs and revenue. Staples is the first fatality since this legalization.

(via The Big Story)