Meet The Guy Launching A $3 Million Startup To Find And Capture Bigfoot

When George Henderson (John Lithgow) prevents “Harry” the bigfoot from attacking the hunter Jacques LaFleur (David Suchet) at the end of Harry and the Hendersons, LaFleur has a change of heart. He decides to hunt Bigfoot no longer. Had Henderson never interceded on LaFleur’s behalf, the hunter probably would have become someone like Carmine “Tom” Biscardi — the self-professed “real Bigfoot hunter” with plans to fund his hunt via a new initial public offering.

Mr. Biscardi and his partners hope to raise as much as $3 million by selling stock in Bigfoot Project Investments. They plan to spend the money making movies and selling DVDs, but are also budgeting $113,805 a year for expeditions to find the beast. Among the company’s goals, according to its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission: “capture the creature known as Bigfoot.”

Investment advisers caution that this IPO may not be for everyone. For starters, it involves DVDs, a dying technology, said Kathy Boyle, president at Chapin Hill Advisors. Then there is the Sasquatch issue. She reckons only true believers would be interested in such a speculative venture.

“This would be the kind of thing where if you believed in Bigfoot, or you thought there really was a Bigfoot and you actually had some money to burn and wanted to play with this, then go for it,” Ms. Boyle said. A lot of ifs. (Via WSJ)

Between official SEC paperwork with “capture the creature known as Bigfoot” as a listed goal and the admitted doubts regarding whether or not Bigfoot actually exists, what’s the first thing economists take issue with? The “dying technology” of DVDs, that’s what. Biscardi ought to invest in HD DVD instead.

(Via Wall Street Journal)