This Man’s List Of The Reasons His Wife Cries Omits The Most Telling Reason

The last time we spoke of a viral letter between husband and wife, the letter demonstrated a man’s awe at his wife’s true self. Now we’ve got a letter where, well, there are a few competing motives. First, the man discloses this his wife is a chronic crier. She’s too sensitive for this world, for better or worse. Some people are moved to tears by the tiniest things, either good or bad. This man’s wife cries at the mere sight or mention of a swan or dog. She cries when scared, and she cries when happy. This man seems utterly bemused at his wife’s constant supply of tissues.

So, he put together a list of reasons his wife cries, and he posted it on Imgur where it went viral on Reddit after a few hours. The list, while amusing to the Internet, may also make his wife laugh. Or it will make her cry, because she apparently cries at everything. One possibility is that this man needed to blow off some steam, or maybe he finds his wife’s sensitivity to be adorable. Such mysteries can only be found on the Internet, but maybe the wife cries because her husband — I don’t know — enjoys documenting all the reasons she cries. This is a little bit passive aggressive, but hey, maybe that’s their dynamic.

For sure, the relationship sounds perfectly exhausting. Let’s take a look at this list, shall we? That’s a whole lot of crying.

(Via Imgur)