This Man Was Bullied For His Weight, So He Lost 160 Pounds And Now Looks Like A Model

Life & Culture Editor
03.03.16 4 Comments

There’s lots of inforation out there that suggests bullying people into losing weight is the wrong way to go about inspiring change (bullying, surprisingly, is usually never the best way to inspire anything), but one man really took all the negative messages he got about his weight in high school to heart and did something about it. After a childhood of fast food and soda (some consumed to stem the horrible feelings as a result of the bullying), Austin Shifflett took his heart in his own hands (very figuratively) and lost 160 pounds in one year. And he’s kept it all off, too. In fact, the guy who was once called “fat boy” by classmates looks like an actual model who would be paid thousands of dollars to appear on the cover of fitness magazines.

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