This Man’s Tweetstorm Skewers The Hypocrisy Of Bible-Thumping Homophobes


If you’ve been on the internet at all since the horrific shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, you’ve likely seen the tremendous outpouring of support for the city and its LGBT community. But there’s also the chance that you’ve stumbled across some Bible-thumping homophobes attempting to justify an attack that left 49 people dead via the word of their god.

Darrius Anderson saw that argument one too many times and took to Twitter to school anyone who would dare quote Leviticus while a city is still reeling. He kicked his 140-character Sunday School lesson off with the most effective means of interrupting a person…

…and immediately switched into scholar mode:

Anderson was waiting for you bigots at the door, and hoping they brought bread and water. Just about anything else might land them in trouble.

But his lessons didn’t just cover food. Anderson knows that a constantly shifting relationship status might end in some heavenly side-eye.

Men didn’t escape Anderson’s tweet lecture, either.

And if that wasn’t enough, fashion choices could land you in the celestial doghouse:

After laying it all out, Anderson asked who among his cyber-congregation was without sin (in the most re-tweetable way):

It’s safe to say his rant got noticed, with many users interjecting with the virtual equivalent of “Preach!”

And far from dropping his opinion and ignoring any haters, Anderson individually responded to anyone who tried to poke holes in his argument. For example, this lesson in hypocrisy:

Feel free to bookmark this and direct your more hateful acquaintances to it. Unfortunately, this conversation isn’t going to go away anytime soon.