This Guy Mistakenly Texted A Narcotics Officer For Drugs And Received Quite A Surprise

This tale has a very different ending than the casual drug deal William Lambertson, 29, expected. Lambertson texted the wrong phone number, which he believed belonged to a “hook up.” Instead, he accidentally hit up the captain of Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit for drugs. Are you surprised this event went down in Florida? Nah. From these texts, it appears that Lambertson initially wanted some marijuana, and then the conversation quickly progressed into a cocaine solicitation.

The fellow certainly made things easy by offering himself up to the cops, who didn’t even have to go looking for him. Lambertson wanted to hook up with someone with some outstanding drug knowledge, and he found one of the greatest experts available. After all was said and done, Lambertson did not receive the “blow” he was looking for. Instead, he was charged with “possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell.”

From the looks of these texts, the captain was taken aback at Lambertson’s first contact — “Hey bro” and answered with “I don’t know you.” Pretty soon, the conversation progressed to “Dude wanna smoke u have any green.” Once Lambertson started asking for drugs, the captain kept the conversation going. Lambertson ended up showing up to meet the captain and was shocked to be taken into custody. Perhaps as the ultimate cautionary tale, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office posted the entire set of texts to their Facebook page.

(Via Mashable)