This Man’s Hilarious Journey To Weight Loss Should Be An SNL Sketch

This viral video is unlike typical fare because it features a few recognizable faces, but it suitably parodies self-improvement videos across the internet. The short film, directed by Ben Berman, premiered last month at Sundance, and now it’s bursting across YouTube. Current SNL star Beck Bennett stars as a man who pursues weight loss and discovers one very important step, a broken heart. Think Gym Wildlife with the added touch of a miserable, lovelorn guy, and you’ll see why this video’s racking up views.

Bennett trolls across the video’s confines as he convincingly plays a poor sap who works alongside his ex-girlfriend. She dumps him and inadvertently kicks his weight-loss plan into high gear. What better way to lose an appetite than to meet the “new boyfriend,” who just happens to be ridiculously handsome and superior in many superficial ways? Of course, this video has a real story and a touching one at that. So, you’ll laugh and be charmed, and perhaps you’ll also be motivated to follow in this guy’s footsteps. Eh, probably not, but this video is worth some giggles.

Pay special attention to the gym creep at 3:15. Late-night talk show hosts sure have the worst gym etiquette ever.

NOTE: This video is the brainchild of JASH, the production studio that is headed up by Daniel Kellison. Ultimately, JASH is a comedy community founded by Sarah Silverman (!), Michael Cera, and Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts, so no wonder the video is loaded with talent.