This Map Shows How Badly The People In Your State Want To Get The Hell Out

Gallup recently asked citizens in every state if, given the opportunity, they would like to move to a different state. The results: 33% of the residents polled would prefer to get the hell out of their current state, including roughly half of the residents in Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland.

State pride (or at least contentedness) ran deeper in Montana, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Texas, where less than a quarter of those polled showed a desire to leave. Here’s a quick roundup of the states where residents would most/least like to leave:

Here’s a map showing the results for all 50 states (data was not collected in Washington D.C.):

The map above represents people who would prefer to leave, given the opportunity. But what about people who already have one foot out the door? Gallup also asked residents how likely it is that they will move in the next 12 months, and found that Nevada residents showed the greatest intention to leave while Maine, Iowa, and Vermont residents plan to stay put. Here’s the leader/loser board:

Gallup plans to follow up on this poll in the near future with data revealing where all of these likely movers are actually heading.