You’ll Wish This ‘Mario Kart’ Flash Mob Drove Into Town And Invaded Your Local Shopping Mall

It’s a special time for Mario Kart. The competitive game we’ve all loved since the SNES has entered the zeitgeist, and now people that grew up throwing that dastardly blue shell have grown into important members of society, creating wonderful touchstones of joy with Mario Kart flare. There’s the Mad Max Mario Kart mashup (that’s a lot of m’s). The genius Star Kart video, which pits Mario and his pals against each other in Star Wars vehicles. And a plethora of other Mario Kart-ified videosGTA can’t even escape the full Mario Kart makeover! But now it’s time that real life got a Mushroom Cup of its own, and that’s where Base37 comes in.

Like all decent plans that will affect the people around you, this one started in a pub. The group of friends decided it was time for Mario Kart to become one with our mortal plane, and it would all happen in a local mall.

Watch as they zoom past random shoppers as if they were fans cheering in Luigi’s Raceway. Gasp as the banana makes a crucial appearance toward the final stretch of track. Cheer as the entire crew makes their way to the garage and to freedom! Cry as they get arrested in their normal car, not a kart, as they make their escape.

(Via The Poke)