NBC Needs To Turn This Mario-Seinfeld Mashup Into A Series Immediately

The answer to NBC’s “Must See TV” woes has finally arrived in the form of this animated mashup of Seinfeld and Super Mario Bros. It’s perfect, from the way The Mushroom Kingdom’s inhabitants seamlessly fit into the roles, to its jingle hybrid, to the way it leaves you wanting more (Bowser/Newman and Peach/Elaine need to be seen, and I’m already pining for a Van Buren Boys/Hammer Bros. episode). Even the laugh track is surprisingly entertaining.

It’s-a gold, Mario. Gold!

As far as Thursday night lineups go, NBC could do far worse than Community, Parks and Recreation, Will Ferrell’s “Anchorman but with astronauts” thing, and a reboot of the greatest sitcom ever helmed by the most popular video game character of all time.