Miss Piggy Fans Are Outraged By A Comparison To Wacky QAnon Loving Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

Oh Twitter, you never, ever stop being strange. Amid all of the Golden Globes ruckus this morning, a true controversy arose when someone decided to stir up dirt about Miss Piggy. More specifically, they compared the lovable pig to incoming Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a QAnon megafan who’s often seen in MAGA-supporting attire like a “stop the steal” mask. She’s a proud conspiracy theorist who harasses mass-shooting survivors and generally spreads misery around aplenty. So, some hard feelings were to be expected when a Twitter user posted a “Separated at birth?” caption alongside photos of Greene and Piggy with similar attire and styling.

Before too long, Miss Piggy began to (strangely) trend under politics on Twitter.

It’s not a great comparison, of course. It’s meant to outrage somebody, and it worked, but maybe not as intended? Miss Piggy is a beacon of positivity and class. She may not be entirely peaceful, but she wouldn’t hurt anyone and certainly would not help incite an insurrection. Nope, Miss Piggy is “an incomparable legend,” and people are offended that someone suggested that this is a “slam” against Greene. In fact, Twitter feels that this comparison has had the opposite effect.

It’s only Wednesday, and it sure feels like a Friday on Twitter.