Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Everyone To Know That At Least One Person Is Rooting For Steve Bannon (It’s Her)

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s favorite podcast host, Steve Bannon, languishes in jail after turning himself in on criminal contempt charges (related to Jan. 6), and she’s telling the world that she’s got his back. That’s to be expected, since not too many other outlets will let the QAnon cheerleader ramble to her heart’s content these days. Recently, Greene told Bannon that she doesn’t want anything to do with politics (although she did not promise). She is, however, here for Bannon and fully supports him after he freely admitted that he helpped to plot the failed MAGA coup.

Greene, of course, is very angry about a report that linked her to the insurrection, and she’s made a huge deal out of visiting Jan. 6 rioters in jail while vowing to enact prison reform (basically on her own). So, she’s very sympathetic to Bannon, and while speaking with Newsmax, the lawmaker that’s been disavowed by CrossFit went on the record to declare that she’s “Team Bannon all the way.”

She also declared, “They have picked on the wrong guy… because Steve Bannon will not go quietly.”

The thing is, Steve Bannon kind of did go quietly, given that he refused to appear in front of the House Select Committee (that’s investigating Jan. 6) when he was summoned by subpoena. Further, the former Trump chief strategist turned himself in at the FBI Washington Field Office while wearing a smirk, and he simply told reporters that he’d be “going on the offense.” To add even more vagueness to the equation, Bannon vowed, “This is going to be the misdemeanor from hell.”

No word yet on whether Marjorie Taylor Greene is planning to visit Bannon behind bars, but if it happens, she’ll surely tell the world what happens.