Mark Wahlberg Won’t Attend His Brother’s Wedding Because He Reportedly Hates Jenny McCarthy

Won’t somebody please think of the Wahlburgers? Donnie Wahlberg is getting married to Jenny McCarthy this weekend, and the guest list is a who’s who of C-list talent (probably): Billy Baldwin, Danny Wood, the guy who made ugly shirts for boy bands, etc. But one above-the-title name won’t be in attendance: Donnie’s brother, Mark. He’s a no-show not because he can’t believe his bro isn’t a “fackin’ qweer,” but because, according to TMZ, he and his wife do not like Jenny McCarthy.

According to multiple Wahlberg sources, Mark is not as close with Donnie and Jenny as Jenny has made it seem. Or at least, not with Jenny. We’re told Mark’s wife Rhea did not like a recent interview Jenny gave with Howard Stern where she talked about her relationship with Mark. We’re told brother Bobby won’t be at the wedding either. (Via)

Wait, you can use not liking Jenny McCarthy as an excuse to get out of things? Damn, now I feel bad for killing all those fake grandmas and aunts in order to leave work 10 minutes early.