Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Kill Me Now’ Face On Capitol Hill Got Absolutely Roasted

Getty Image

Mark Zuckerberg’s pre-released testimony to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce left little doubt that he’d admit that Facebook made a huge “big mistake” by not taking users’ data privacy seriously enough. This lapse led to the massive privacy breach that resulted in Cambridge Analytica harvesting 87 million profiles (and in a late-breaking update, their private messages as well), which is nearly half of all Facebook users, although almost all 2 billion profiles have been scraped in some way.

Needless to say, folks don’t have much sympathy for Zuck right now, and even if nothing terribly revealing has surfaced during the congressional grilling as of yet (although GOP Sen. John Thune got confrontational), people having great fun watching a billionaire — one whose apology tour has grown a little punchy — squirm. And after news of a class-action lawsuit surfaced, Zuck would probably rather be anywhere else right now than Capitol Hill with cameras everywhere.

Aside from “booster seat” jokes (really, was he using one?), plenty of people are roasting the heck out of Zuckerberg’s miserable expression. He’s not enjoying this, but many other people are.

And of course, there were plenty of obligatory jokes about Zuckerberg being a robot or Children of the Corn character.

Here’s a look at that booster seat again. Pretty wild, huh?