Mark Zuckerberg’s Enthusiasm For ‘The Force Awakens’ Led To These Family Photos

In the most appropriate transformation of all time, Mark Zuckerberg has now become that one dad on Facebook who does nothing but post adorable baby photos and pictures of his pets. The latest picture of his dog with a lightsaber is just the latest in a long line of family photos on his feed. Aside to Zuckerberg — even though these are all very cute and precious, there is a limit to how many pictures people can handle of the same infant. That even includes when you put them in Star Wars costumes. It seems that Zuck’s two months of paternity leave are leaving him with plenty of time to stage cute setups for his pictures. He’s just like the rest of us and wants to show off.

Maybe now that Zuckerberg is posting up a storm, he’ll start hearing from his friends about the overload of pictures and figure out a way for people to avoid them in their everyday lives. As much as everyone would love to hit “like” on every single family photo, this means a constant stream of positive reinforcement for putting up 87 pictures of your baby crawling in different outfits over a two day period. On the other hand, if you see them and don’t click, then you’re just rude. It’s an endless conundrum that doesn’t have an easy solution, and Zuckerberg contributing to the deluge of photos is definitely not going to help things.

Hopefully Sheryl Sandberg or Sean Parker or somebody will shoot Mark a text and let him know to lay off the cuteness overload. If he continues down this path, he’ll be wearing socks with sandals and making dorky dad jokes before he knows it.