Martha Stewart Had The Perfect Reaction To Portraits Of Donald Trump And Snoop Dogg

Martha Stewart might be 75 years old but she’s still cooler than you and does a lot more with her free time. Sure, her status as a millionaire and fame likely open a few more doors than someone like me, but that doesn’t mean that the common folk couldn’t try to emulate the homemaking queen’s style a bit.

Stewart hit the town in New York on Saturday, stopping by the Frieze Art Fair for a few memorable photo ops and then crashing a wedding for good measure. Not only that, she did it while wearing her best jean outfit — covered over by enough denim to make even Vladimir Putin jealous. American blue jeans, number one.

In the photo at the top, Stewart just seemed to walk into the frame while a few folks photographed the portraits of Donald Trump and her pal Snoop Dogg. According to Newlin Tillotson, the domestic juggernaut made her feelings know:

Was taking a picture of these Trump and Snoop Dogg pieces…and Martha Stewart walks into the frame and takes it to ?#andresserrano #america #marthastewart #snoopdogg #drumpf

Her reaction to Trump shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering she supported Hillary Clinton in the election and has apparently disliked Trump since he blamed her for low Apprentice ratings back in 2006.

Outside of the Frieze Art Fair, Stewart seemed to find her way into a wedding party. She posed for a few photos with the group, noting that they were all sporting “navy” and then I can only assume she made her way to her reception to critique the spread and fill her purse with crab balls.

Just another chapter in the luxurious, post-prison life of Martha Stewart.