Martin Shkreli ‏Alleges Someone Stole $15 Million From Him After He Tries To Buy Kanye West’s Latest Album

Turing Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested For Securities Fraud
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PharmaBro douche Martin Shkreli may want to pop a couple of chill pills following a Twitter meltdown. Allegedly — a big allegedly — Shkreli was scammed out of $15 million by someone named “Daquan.” Shkreli says he was under the impression that he was sending a friend of Kanye’s $15 million for The Life of Pablo, but according to shady Shkreli, Daquan took his money and ran off.

“Who the f*ck has my fifteen million dollars?,” Shkreli tweeted with a broken caps button. The PharmaBro says he signed a deal for the album and even posted a picture of a vinyl record but was surprised when Kanye showed up on SNL and revealed the album was streaming on Tidal. “Someone named Daquan said he was Kanye’s boy and I signed the deal to buy Pablo and send the Bitcoin. Call the police this is bullsh*t.”

With $15 million allegedly missing, Shkreli tweeted that he was setting up a GoFundMe to get his money back but then said $15 million was nothing to a rich bastard like him. “I can make the money back faster than anyone so the joke is on YOU if you think I even care.” Despite not giving a damn, Shkreli allegedly reached out to Bitcoin creator who agreed he would allegedly help him get back his money.

Meanwhile, Kanye is $53 million in personal debt and is hoping Mark Zuckerberg will invest $1 billion in his genius-level ideas.