Martin Shkreli Is Holding An Auction To Let One Lucky Winner Punch Him In The Face

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Have you ever thought about punching Martin Shkreli in the face? I mean, let’s be real, who hasn’t thought about punching Martin Shkreli in the face. The former hedge fund pharma-douche and noted Trump supporter has basically ascended to levels of cartoon villainy at this point. Beyond the whole “jacking up the cost of life-saving medicine” thing and buying a secret Wu Tang album for millions just to hoard to it himself, Shkreli’s latest targets include Captain America and brunch, of all things. Your grandmother probably wants to punch him in the face. Babies probably want to punch him in the face.

And now, one lucky person is going to get that chance. Following the untimely passing of his friend Mike Kulich, the XHamster publicist perhaps best known for offering an adult film deal to Ted Cruz’s female Maury doppelganger, Shkreli is attempting to raise money for Kulich’s five-year-old son Tyler who beat cancer just 11 days before his father passed away.

Deep down, does Shkreli have a heart of gold, after all? Or maybe even a gold fleck like you find in a bottle of Goldschläger? Shkreli tweeted the offer to his followers on Monday:

As to why Shkreli would subject himself to a punch in the face rather than just donate the money himself, he also offered some insight:

So if you’ve got a spare $80 grand or more lying around, you can live out your dreams of punching Martin Shkreli in the face, and help a child at the same time. Win-win.

(Via USA Today)