Marvel Cancels ‘Thanos: Son of Titan’


As far as I’m aware, Thanos: Son of Titan written by Joe Keatinge and drawn by Richard Elson, was in the bag, as in mostly finished. It was actually the most interesting book Marvel had at the SDCC this year. The solicitations for it had actually just arrived at comics shops across the country.

And now they’ve spiked it. It’s totally canceled, and it won’t be resolicited. Keatinge and Elson have been reassigned to Spidey and apparently we must now never speak of this again.

So what the hell happened? Some are theorizing that Marvel became gun-shy ever since Jim Starlin got pretty upset over not seeing a nickel from Thanos in The Avengers, but come on, this is Marvel. They treat their former creative personnel like dog turds. Unless Starlin has one hell of a compelling legal case, that wouldn’t even have slowed them down and Starlin has publicly said he has no interest in taking Marvel to court over this.

Marvel did confirm that “plans have changed” regarding Thanos. I guess we’ll just have to see. Maybe he’ll be getting his own cartoon or something.

image courtesy Marvel