This List Of Movies From The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four Seems A Bit Suspect

Everyone is wondering what Marvel has planned next for its cinematic universe. We’re so eager, in fact, that we’ll look for any scrap of information, no matter how tiny. But despite what you’re seeing, it’s unlikely Marvel’s future plans have spilled out to the public.

The list in question comes from, first strike, 4Chan. That really should be enough, since the anonymous message board — while the source of many amusing memes — isn’t exactly notable as a hard news source. The second strike comes from mentioning that The Inhumans was still on track. The movie’s been officially removed from Marvel’s release schedule to make room for heroes like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and most importantly, Spider-Man.

The third is that it’s all just sequels with the occasional random movie thrown in. Are we seriously supposed to believe Marvel is hard at work on a movie starring The Sentry? Or that the third Spider-Man movie will share a tag line with the Sony PlayStation? Come on.

If you’re going to troll, be creative about it. Raise hopes only to shatter them. Tell us that the greatest comic book Marvel has ever published will finally be getting a movie. Tell us a Spider-Ham animated movie is on the way, which by the way it totally should be. Don’t just tell us Marvel will churn out sequel after sequel. That’s too depressingly close to the truth.

(Via 4Chan)