What’s So ‘New And Different’ About The New Marvel Comics?

Marvel once had a Secret Wars series in the early half of the ’80s, but this past May, the premier comic book company launched a new saga that’s threatened to tear the entire Marvel Universe apart, forging new alliances, characters, and storylines in its wake.

Secret Wars has one more issue (issue #9) on the way in December, but the “New and Different” Marvel series of books is beginning to roll out, with The Mighty Thor #1 hitting shelves this November. What is the “New and Different” Marvel? Well, glad you asked. It’s a relaunch of a bevy of Marvel mainstays, like The Incredible Hulk and Thor, which will effectively end the Ultimate Marvel run that’s lasted for the past 15 years. New teams will be formed, like The Avengers, and new enemies and heroes will populate the Marvel Universe without destroying the narratives that have been set before it. Watch the video to see what else you can expect from this new era in Marvel Comics.