Marvel Starts Bullying the Media Over ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Leak

We’ve known that the Guardians of the Galaxy were a real possibility as a Marvel movie for quite a while. But apparently confirmation that Marvel was indeed bringing Rocket Raccoon to the screen leaking weeks ahead of time has somebody in the executive ranks Hulking out.

So much so that Latino Review, which leaked the news, just got a nasty email from an “independent security consultant”. This quote pretty much sums up the tone of the email:

If you provide me with your source, I will make it worth your effort. I want to work with you. As I stated above, I do not want to see you or anyone else get into trouble. That would be a lose-lose for everyone. I would hope that you are now realizing that this is a very serious matter and the consequences will be quite severe if I do not find out how you obtained the Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy information.

Latino Review, of course, is treating this as the ridiculous joke that it is. Latino Review is under no obligation to help Marvel find whoever leaked. And Marvel has no legal standing, nor frankly the lack of sense, to try and drag Latino Review into court.

Many think a fanboy sent this letter, but, having received a few of these emails myself, this looks legit. Generally “independent security consultant” means “cop who washed out of the force for screwing up or failing the psych eval and now tries to bully people freelance.” These guys are in their fifties and automatically equate working on a blog with being some unpaid teenage kid in his mom’s basement.

It’s just disappointing that Marvel would resort to these tactics. This is generally the province of businesses that sell shoddy products or cash in on consumer ignorance and sue like crazy to keep people from revealing their “trade secret”. Come on, Marvel. You’re better than this. Or at least your products can be demonstrated to not be objectively shoddy.

image courtesy Marvel