"Mass Effect 3"'s Ending: Love It Or Hate It?

One thing we didn’t want to talk about in our fairly lengthy and nitpicky review of “Mass Effect 3” is the story. We probably would have been murdered by people who hadn’t played the game yet for spoilers, first of all, and secondly, we wanted people to actually see it.

So, did you love it? Or did you think, as some do, that BioWare has spent the last five years yanking our collective chain?

Here’s what we think:

It’s not a bad ending, if a little predictable, and that post-credits sequence is wince-inducing with how obvious it is. But it’s understandable some people are disappointed: after all, you spend all this time and effort to save the galaxy and ultimately, the galaxy gets utterly trashed anyway, even if species survive.

Also, despite the best efforts of the writers, it’s really hard to believe the Reapers think of themselves as good guys. Come on, really? It’s better than a mustache twirling robot, we suppose, but still.

So…your thoughts?

image courtesy EA