No One Seemed To Notice That Matthew McConaughey Has Quietly Had His Own YouTube Channel

08.20.16 3 years ago

Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award winning American actor that has been in the Hollywood eye for decades. He basically owns the word “alright“, and has made rambling incoherently while driving into a lucrative Lincoln ad campaign. He’s internationally famous, which is to say little of what he does goes unnoticed. Except, a verified YouTube page. Until now we had no idea about that. By “we”, we mean the entire world. All of it.

A Reddit user happened upon his verified YouTube channel that apparently only a handful of people were aware was a thing that was happening on the internet. Until Reddit unearthed McConaughey’s account it had all of 240 subscribers, now it sits at a touch over 60,000; so at this rate we might be able to add “YouTube personality” to his list of career achievements soon. To compare, McConaughey has over two million followers on Twitter and over five million on Facebook; yet up until this week almost none of these fans had stumbled upon his account on the tiny site named YOUTUBE?!

It takes quite a bit to bewilder a Reddit user, but according to Ad Age, that’s exactly what the stealth McConaughey YouTube account has done.

“That’s so [freaking] weird,” said the top Reddit comment. “He’s verified and everything. I’m genuinely shocked that an [Academy Award-winning] actor can put out a video and get under 1,000 views in a year.”

The account itself isn’t much to write home about (wait, isn’t that what we are doing right now?), but the fact that the six-video page has existed in secrecy this long is pretty crazy.

(Via Wetpaint)

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