Mayim Bialik Believes Being Religious Will Never Be Trendy In Hollywood

Mayim Bialik has opinions
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Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is speaking out again. This time she tells the Fox News about the heat she takes from fans and Hollywood for openly observing the Jewish faith. Her faith is among many topics that Bialik discusses in her recently launched website,

Specifically, she speaks about receiving a lot of negativity for visiting Israel in order to see a friend who is serving in the Israeli Defense Forces: “That’s what’s amazing … simply by going to Israel this summer and saying nothing more than, ‘I’ve gone to Israel,’ I got the same amount of hatred and threats and anti-Semitism for actually making a statement trying to support people whether I like it or not are serving in an army.”

To be sure, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a controversial one, in or out of Hollywood. Bialik says that it goes beyond that into anti-Semitism, though: “It really doesn’t matter what I support or believe, the fact that I’m Jewish and go there is enough — that should be alarming to most people.”

Bialik also says that being religious will never be trendy in Hollywood, and that as a result, she and other religious people in the industry tend to “congregate together.”

Bialik also tells Fox News about reconciling her faith with what she learned in pursuing a neuroscience degree, as well as her preference to dress modestly, another topic she will discuss on Grok Nation: “It’s important, especially for children and men and my sons to hear I’m not ashamed of my body, I just don’t feel the need to display it with two tiny pieces of fabric when I want to go swimming.”