“Who Cares About $40M?”

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It’s official. 2010 just took its first major L. Guaranteed to be the biggest fight (and PPV draw) in over a quarter century, it now looks like the only jabs Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will be delivering are verbal.

“The fight’s off,” [Bob] Arum, who promotes Pacquiao, said from Las Vegas.

See, I told you. Apparently the whole mediation idea was about as successful as Bow Wow trying to get people to believe his new mixtape really did a million downloads in a day. That’s another post, for another day. The fight was cancelled (and my hopes slaughtered) mainly because the two sides could not come to an agreement over drug testing leading to the fight. PacMan was even documented as agreeing to certain stipulations, but Floyd would not budge on the issue of random testing.

The fight died after a last-ditch attempt at mediation between Top Rank and Golden Boy, which represents Mayweather, failed in an effort to determine the drug-testing protocol.

Pacquiao had agreed to move off his hard-line stance of refusing a blood test inside 30 days before the fight, but Mayweather wouldn’t budge off his desire for random testing all the way until the fight, Arum said. Nor would Mayweather agree to a public apology for remarks he made accusing Pacquiao of using performance-enhancing drugs, Arum said.

It sucks that it came to this, but life moves on and Pacquiao is already planning to fight Yuri Foreman on March 13 or 20. At least by then I’ll have March Madness to ease the pain. While I’m wallowing in my own self-pity, Bob Arum is throwing shots left and right and all are directed towards the man who has never taken a professional loss.

“Manny accepted what was on the table and Mayweather rejected it,” Arum said. “Haymon and Schaefer tried to convince Floyd all [Tuesday night] and [Wednesday] and he wouldn’t agree to it. He didn’t want the fight. He never wanted the fight. I always knew the fight wouldn’t happen.”

Yeah, in a round about way, he just called Floyd Mayweather a pussy. Those are fighting words regardless of how they were intended. So much for those TSS press passes though. The whole crew in Vegas would have really been on some “Hangover“-type madness.

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