Two McDonald’s Workers Got Into A Brutal Fight About Apple Pies And It’s All On Camera

Not every day do you walk into your neighborhood Mickey D’s and catch two employees brawling behind the counter, but for a few patrons of a South Carolina McDonald’s, their lives were changed Wednesday when a fight broke out around 10 p.m., and of course it all was caught on camera. You’ll never guess what the workers were fighting over — those yummy $0.99 apple pies, according to WBTV.

A Chester County police report says a 30-year-old employee asked a 25-year-old employee to start baking apple pies and then an argument ensued. The older woman told the younger employee to leave the restaurant saying she would cover the rest of her shift. After the 25-year-old allegedly refused to leave, the other employee said she would call the police. That’s when the younger employee reportedly jumped in the older woman’s face and threatened to “beat her ass if she went to jail.”

While the argument was happening, Noah Smith III, who was waiting in line to order a McChicken for his girlfriend, took out his camera and recorded the entire brawl. “I’m thinking oh man something’s about to really happen right now,” Smith said. The video, which he uploaded to his Facebook page, has over 90 thousand views in less than 24 hours.

Another employee tried to intervene to get the 25-year-old to leave, but she refused and allegedly walked up to the 30-year-old, hit her in the face, and knocked her glasses off, according to the police report. Eventually, the fight was broken up by other employees. No one was seriously injured and there’s no word yet on if charges will be filed.

McDonald’s Director of Operations Chris Sparks did release a statement relating to the fight and the video Thursday.

“We take the care and safety of our employees very seriously and have zero tolerance for violence. At this time, we are cooperating fully with the police during their investigation into this matter.”